CLH-NA Compression Load Cell 1MN / 1.5MN / 2MN

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Produttore Tokyo Sokki

Tokyo Sokki

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The CLL-NA and CLH-NA load cells with a flat loading platform are used to conduct loading tests on cylindrical concrete specimens. A cylindrical concrete specimen can be directly set on the surface of the loading platform. Guide markings are shown on the loading platform so that each specimen different in size can be placed in alignment with each appropriate guide marking.

The CLL-NA is designed to test a cylindrical test specimen made of generally used concrete, while CLH-NA is designed mainly to test a cylindrical test specimen made of high-strength concrete. By using this load cell together with the compressometer, it is possible to measure load and strain simultaneously. Although both have handles, other models, CLL-500KNA and CLH-1MNA, do not have handles.

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  • Capacity: 1MN / 1.5MN / 2MN
  • Rated Output: 1.5mV/V
  • Non-Linearity: 0.2%RO
  • Temperature Range: -20 ~ +70°C
  • Over Load: 150%
  • Exciting Voltage Allowable: 20V
  • Exciting Voltage Recommanded: Less than 10V
  • Resistance: 350Ω±5%
  • Benefits

  • Main Applications: Loading force measurement of concrete test piece