Half Brick Case Heatsink, Transverse LOW fins

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Produttore Cincon


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The M-C091 model is a half brick case heatsink with transverse low fins featuring 4.7˚C/W typical at natural convection in 61 x 58 x 12.7 mm dimensions.

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  • Transverse Fins
  • Rca at natural convection: 4.7˚C/W (typ.)
  • Rca at 100LFM: 2.89˚C/W (typ.)
  • Rca at 200LFM 2.30˚C/W (typ.)
  • Rca at 300LFM: 1.88˚C/W (typ.)
  • Rca at 400LFM: 1.59˚C/W (typ.)
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Dimensione (H x W x D mm) 61 x 58 x 12.7