NIR High Speed Acousto-opitc deflector, 1064nm or 1100nm

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Produttore Isomet


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The Model 1250-BS-926 is a high speed acousto-optic deflector for sequential multi-beam or faster scan operation. The unit incorporates four section acoustic beam steering to produce a flat scan response. The 1250-BS-926 may be operated with up to 9 watts CW optical power at 1.064µm or 1.1µm.

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  • Operating wavelength: 1100nm
  • Center frequency: 145 MHZ
  • RF Bandwidth: 70 MHz
  • Active aperture: 0.524 x 3mm
  • Crystal material: Lead Molybdate (PbMo04)
  • Resolution: 70 spot
  • Scan angle: 21.0mrad@ 1.1µm
  • Optical power input: 9 Watts
  • High Speed Deflection (7µs Scan Rate/Line)
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Acousto-optic type Deflector  

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Standard AR Coatings Range VIS-NIR (442 to 1100nm)  
Crystal Material PbMoO4  
Active Aperture (mm) ≤1mm  
Central RF Frequency(MHz) 100-190MHz  
RF Bandwidth (MHz) 40-90MHz  
San Angle (mrad) 21-30mrad  
Resolution 51-200