High Power Detector, Water-cooled Thermopile, up to 25kW, 210 x 210 mm, USB Output

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Produttore Gentec


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The HP210A-25KW-HD measures 25kW of CW power with water cooling method. This high power detector of the HP serie is unique high power design allows for infinite customization capabilities. All our Super HP models feature a USB ouput for direct measurements on a PC as well as our standard DB-15 connector if you prefer to do the measurement using one of our power monitors.

The square and rectangular apertures shown here are just examples of our capabitlities, so do not hesitate to contact us with your specific needs.

This super HP high power detector is compatible with MAESTRO, M-LINK, TUNER, UNO, S-LINK, P-LINK monitors.

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  • Spectral Range: 0.19 - 20 μm
  • HD High damage threshold absorber
  • Max average power: 25kW
  • Max average Power density: 0.25 kW/cm² at 1064 nm, 1.07-1.08 μm and 10.6 μm
  • Water Cooling method
  • Noise Equivalent Power: 20W
  • Rectangular Aperture: 210 x 210 mm, up to 400 x 400 mm or custom shape
  • Dimensions: 229H x 229W x 80D mm
  • Each head comes with both a DB-15 connector for use with a Gentec-EO monitor and a USB2.0 output for direct connection to a PC
  • Benefits

  • Less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other high power water-cooled meter on the market
  • Custom models handle up to 25 000 W of continuous power. Higher powers are available upon request
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Sensor Type Thermopile  

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Meter type MAESTRO Digital-Colour LCD  
TUNER Handheld-Digital tuning  
UNO Handheld-Digital  
M-LINK PC-based USB  
S-LINK PC-based USB/Ethernet  
P-LINK PC-based USB/RS232/Ethernet  
Spectral Range UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-700nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
MIR (3-30µm)  
Operating Mode CW  
Max. Average Power >10kW  
Aperture Dimensions (mm) 210 x 210