OEM Pockels cell drivers for cavity dumping

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PCD-UHR Series

Produttore Ekspla


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PCD-UHR series Pockels cell drivers are designed for wide range of applications and operating modes. Repetition rate can be up to 500 kHz for standard range of drivers, up to 1 MHz enhanced and up to 3.5 MHz high rate. Standard range of possible pulse durations is from 100 ns to 5 μs.

Most of PCD-UHR series units are available in two versions: „open frame“ which is ideal for OEM manufacturers incorporating drivers in their own systems and encased in aluminum housings.

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  • Fast HV rise/fall time <4 – 8 ns
  • HV pulse amplitude up to 3.6 kV
  • Pulse repetition rate up to 3.5 MHz
  • Output pulse jitter < 50 ps if trigger pulse rise time < 0.5 ns
  • Benefits

  • Short circuit protection at driver output
  • Driver pad overheat sensor stops operation when overheated
  • Overheat optocoupled output signal Switchable single pulse and two pulses control operation modes
  • LED for error indication (overheat and short circuit)

OEM Cavity Dumper Driver Series

Max HV rated Voltage
3.8 kV (for Testing only)
HV pulse rise/fall time
< 4-8 ns
HV pulse duration for single driver
120-5000 ns
15-5000 ns
Max HV pulse repetition rate
3.5 MHz
600 KHz