Extended dynamic range spectroradiometer


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Produttore Photo Research Inc

Photo Research Inc

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The PR-788 spectral measurement system is an extended, dynamic range spectroradiometer used in research, quality control and production floor applications for flat panel display, automotive, aerospace and similar manufacturers.

The PR-788 provides an extended wide dynamic range of 1 million:1 output. It measures the output of devices and tests any display or backlight at highest speeds available on the market, reducing the total time required to characterise and calibrate display products. It measures from black to full white, without the need to add external attenuation, due to the inclusion of an automated internal neutral density (ND) filter.

The spectroradiometer measures spectral resolution capability for any display technology with its variable spectral bandwidth. This technology allows the user to automatically select spectral bandwidth down to 2nm and eliminates the need to change the measuring field size.

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  • Wide dynamic range – test any display/backlight without adding external filtration or changing apertures
  • Variable spectral bandwidth – spectral resolution capability for any display technology from LCD to laser projectors
  • High speed cycle times – dramatic reduction of total time required to test / calibrate display products
  • USB, RS232, Bluetooth interfaces – easy integration into automated test environment (ATE)
  • Exposure time range for the PR-788 ranges from 7ms to 2 minutes
  • Typical applications – backlight testing, OLED testing, laser projector calibration