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Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories can be configured to measure absolute or relative irradiance of LEDs and other radiant sources, with a variety of optical fixtures, calibrated sources and other tools for convenient measurements. Use our components and software to determine absolute spectral intensity values (in watts, joules, lumens or candela), color parameters (including X, Y, Z and L*, a*, b*), and features such as dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, centroid and FWHM. Also, setups can be integrated into LED testing and binning machines for quality control in LED manufacturing, helping to ensure consistency in spectral output and color.

LED Measurements

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  • Miniature Fibre optic spectrometer: optimized for LED measurement.
  • It is configured with a 350-1000nm wavelength range
  • a 25µm entrance aperture Collection lens to increase light efficiency
  • Optical resolution is ~1.33nm FWHM.
  • Spectral & Colour Measurements: OOIColor software calculates: l*a*b*, XYZ, xyz, u'v'w', RGB, chroma, staturation and color correlated color temperature, photopic data
  • Vantaggi

  • Holding the LED in place
  • Powering the LED
  • Displaying the LED's drive current
  • standard and NIST-traceable version available
  • Integrating Sphere: 360° emission collection
  • Ligth Source Radiometric reference Source: LS-1-CAL-INT is a NIST traceable light source designed specifically to calibrate the spectral response of a spectroradiometer system. It provides known absolute intensity values at several wavelengths.
  • Absolute or relative irradiance of radian sources for: Flat panel displays, CRTs, Incandescent lamp and sun