Connettori ZIF circuito stampato flessibile serie FH26

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Produttore Hirose


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The FH26 series FPC connectors is one of only a few ultra-low profile ZIF connectors capable of accepting standard 0.2mm thick FPC. Proven Flip LockR actuator allows easy insertion of FPC with a tactile sensation when fully closed that confirms complete electrical and mechanical connection. The connector is extremely lightweight with a fully loaded 51 contact version typically weighing less than 0.1 grams. Staggered soldering leads on the front and back of the connector on a 0.6mm pitch (0.3mm centreline) make for easy solderability

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  • Space saving design.
  • Height above board: 1mm.
  • Board area under the connector is available for PCB patterning.
  • Flip lock actuator allows easy insertion of FPC.
  • Metal FPC insertion guide makes easy to insert FPC.