Connettori ZIF cavo piatto flessibile e circuito stampato flessibile con passo 0,5mm serie FH

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Produttore Hirose


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Hirose's FH33 series connectors are designed to accept 0.3mm thick standard Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and Flexible Flat Cable (FFC). Compared with similar FH connectors the narrow width of only 2.5mm reduces board foot print between 17% and 57%. In addition to standard 0.5mm pitch 0.4mm pitch and 1mm pitch versions are also available. Conductive traces on the PCB can run under the connector due to the no exposed contacts on the underside of the connector. Hirose's one finger operation Flip-Lock rotating actuator assures reliable mechanical and electrical connection with FPC/FFC confirming it with a definite tactile feel whilst allowing easy FPC/FCC insertion.

NOTE: The HIROSE product information on this website is for reference only. Please request the Engineering Drawing for the most current and accurate design information from your local Acal BFI sales office.

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  • Space saving 1.2mm of height and 2.5mm of mounting depth connectors.
  • Greatly improved FPC and FFC retention force.
  • Whole area of the connector's bottom side is available for PCB patterning. (Fully covered molded structure)
  • User-friendly operation by flip-lock (one-touch rotating system).
  • Metal FPC and FFC insertion guides make insertion operation smooth.