SFP Electrical Connector

AMPHENOL INFOCOM U75-A20-1000T SFP Electrical Connector

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SFP Amphenol Canada's newest High Speed Connector Series, is a 20 positions SFP connector and cage combo for mounting to a host PCB with a metal cage enclosing the connector. These connectors are similar to the Gigabit Interface Converter Interface (GBIC), but they are smaller n size and operate at much faster data transfer rates. Amphenol single port version is rated up to 4.125 Gbps data rates and stacked version up to 8 Gbps. They are available in standard RoHS compliant or non-RoHS compliant versions. The cages are a one-piece construction with enhanced transceiver mating tabs presently available in press-fit version, with solder version and longer or shorter pins available as custom options. Amphenol Canada plans to have a full suite of SFP, XFP and next generation pluggable modules connectors and cages available in the near future.

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