Spina, diritta, bloccaggio push-pull, protezione elettrostatica

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Produttore Hirose


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RP17 series connectors are designed for interfacing 8 mm video equipment and office automation equipment with miniature, lightweight, high durability 12 pin circular connectors. RP17 series connectors are ideal for quick connection and disconnection by push-pull lock connection. The slim body will fit a variety of electrical equipments.

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  • One-touch, push-pull locking mechanism for quick insertion and extraction and high-density mounting
  • Using 5A cable to 3 pins out of the 12 pins, and 2A cable to the rest of the pins (9 pins)
  • Multi-slot key mating guide to prevent insertion mistakes
  • Simple and slender appearance with a cable clamp built in
  • Indicates the mating position mark white, thus assuring quick connection and disconnection with ease
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