Presa, diritta, accoppiamento bloccaggio a baionetta, montaggio su pannello con dado

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Produttore Hirose


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RM12B connectors (bayonet sleeve type) are provided with a bayonet sleeve locking mechanism, the most compact in the series.

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  • Hirose's unique multi-pin circular connector to satisfy the high-performance and downsizing demands of all equipment
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical performance is ensured by diallyl phthalate resin applied for insulation
  • The lock mechanisms with thread coupling type, bayonet lock type (size 12 only), or quick detachable type (size 15) are available
  • Metal shell circular connectors, plugs, receptacles and jacks, available in different shell size, number of contacts, locking mechanism, etc
  • A special waterproof model (IP67) is available
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