Contatto femmina a crimpare

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Produttore Hirose


Descrizione :

Crimping type female contact

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Dati tecnici :

  • Prezzo e disponibilità

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  • Water and dust protection
  • IP67 or more (IP68) water and dust protection rating when fully mated
  • Resistant to industrial grade oils
  • 4-position receptacles are sealed against water penetration when mounted on the panel - no protective cap is required
  • Easy and precise mating
  • Mating: Just inserting plug unit completes mating
  • Unmating: Rotating sleeve counter clockwise unlocks connectors (fig.1)
  • Marking helps align plug with receptacle when mating
  • guide keys make blind mating possible
  • (Receptacle structure prevents plug from damaging receptacle terminals)
  • Multi-directional cable exit
  • Right angle plugs allow the cable to exit in 8 directions, in 45˚ increments (fig.2)
  • Safety standards
  • The 4-position connectors meet requirements of TUV standard
  • Wide variation
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