Connettore multicontatto circolare serie H/MS

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Produttore Hirose


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The H/MS Series are circular multi-contact connectors meeting the MIL-C-5051 requirements, developed by HIROSE over long years of experience. Connectors complying with TUV (DIN VDE 0627) and JIS B 6015 (Electric Equipment for Machine Tools) are not only equipped with protective circuits (grounding terminals), but also compatible with the MS connectors. Thus the H/MS series can replace conventional MS connectors easily without any modification on the set side, thus meeting the increasing requirements for safety world-wide.

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  • Conforming to MIL-C-5015 (US army standard) requirements
  • Compatible with MS connectors
  • Models incorporating a protective circuit (grounding terminal) complying with TUV (DIN VDE 0627) requirements available
  • Right angle plug ensuring ease of wiring with a sectioned shell
  • Waterproof male contacts receptacle prevents penetration of water into the interior of the equipment
  • Plug and receptacle perfectly satisfies IP67F waterproof requirements or more
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