Connettore integrato HR212

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Produttore Hirose


Descrizione :

Models HR12 (20 Contacts) and HR212 connectors are enclosed with a metal shell for stronger shielding than the model HR12 connectors, which were for greater protection developed against jamming by electromagnetic waves.

Standard plating: Silver plating for the HR12 (20 contacts) and copper plating for the HR212 (gold plating for 10 contact models only. Standard finish: black.

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  • Plugs with an outside diameter range from 12 to 16mm respond to the compact, lightweight, and high-density mounting needs of electronic devices
  • Shield mechanism with built-in metal parts; HR12 (20 pins) and HR212 are models of reinforced EMI protection
  • Snap-lock mechanism ensuring ease of insertion and extraction, and prevents the connector from disconnection due to shock or vibration
  • The plug cable ends has a bellows of mono-block construction preventing conductor disconnection damage from bending
  • A versatile assortment of models with both straight and right angle plugs and receptacles available
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