Connettore circolare a 4 pin serie HR24

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Produttore Hirose


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The HR24 Series are 4-pin type circular connectors developed to meet the needs for cost reduction in sensor wiring and improved maintenance efficiency. They are water-proof and oil-proof and may be used in adverse environmental conditions free from deterioration in performance.

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  • General purpose connector conforming to 4202 (FA sensor connector) standards of the NECA (Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association)
  • Plug engaged with a receptacle or a jack meets IP67 waterproof standards, and also oil proof
  • Insulating wall provided between receptacle terminals to prevent short circuiting resulting from barbed wires at the time of wire soldering
  • DC and AC connectors available; straight and right-angle connectors with cable available with a cable diameter of 4.4 or 6.8mm
  • Receptacles are mounted to panels in two ways (i.e., front mounting and back mounting) and directly to sensors with or without screws
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