Fibre optic connector, LC crimp and cleave, beige boot

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OFS' new LC Crimp and Cleave connectors are designed to work with high bandwidth multimode graded-Index GiHCS and step-index HCS optical cables providing a robust and reliable connectivity solution for Industrial Networks. These rugged, industrial grade connectors are compatible with commonly available SFP (small format pluggable) transceivers for IP routing devices for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet communications.

The LC Crimp and Cleave connector takes advantage of the advanced optical and mechanical properties of HCS and GiHCS fibres, attaching through mechanical means rather than traditional epoxy/polish processes. Crimp and Cleave cable termination saves time and greatly simplifies installer training requirements. Fibre optic specialists are not required for this process. It is an excellent solution for field connectorisation and cable repairs in harsh, industrial environments.

Easy to learn and quick to connect.

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  • 50/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.0 dB and 62.5/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.0 dB.
  • Typical insertion loss @ 850 nm, 50/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.5 dB and 62.5/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.5 dB.
  • Maximum insertion loss @ 850 nm, 50/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.2 dB and 62.5/200/230 GiHCS® -1.2 dB.
  • Typical insertion loss @ 1300 nm, 50/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.7 dB and 62.5/200/230 GiHCS® - 1.7 dB.
  • Maximum insertion loss @ 1300 nm.
  • -40 to 85ºC operating temperature.
  • <4.99lb cable crimp retention.
  • 1.53 inch overall length (without boot).
  • 2.18 inch overall length (with boot installed).
  • Benefits

  • Compatible with SFP transceivers
  • No power, no epoxy, no gels, no polishing
  • Minutes to learn, seconds to connect
  • Fibre optic specialists not required
  • For GiHCS® Optical Fibre Cables
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