DC/DC converter, high voltage, non-isolated, 2000W, 9-60VDC Input

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Produttore SynQor


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The high input voltage NiQor® family of DC-DC converters offer a unique solution for converting high-powered, varible voltages to a wide range of output voltages. The converter is a non-isolated buck-boost regulator, which employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. Suitable for use in IBA or to provide a regulated output voltage from a battery source or other variable voltage source. Can be configured to Buck the input voltage down or Boost the input voltage up using a single external resistor. Half-brick, Quarter-brick or Eighth-brick.

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  • Wide input voltage ranges: 9-20V, 9-40V, 9-60V and 9-90V
  • Very high efficiency achieved by non-isolated design, up to 96%
  • Smooth transition from buck to boost as input or output voltage varies
  • Current-controlled 'C' version for charging batteries
  • Configuration for negative outputs or inputs
  • Input and output current limit for buck-boost version
  • Full microprocessor control of all operating parameters
  • On-board input and output noise filters for quiet operation
  • Buck-only version available for higher efficiency
  • Encased/baseplated package for protection and conductive cooling
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Intervallo Tensione di Ingresso (V) 9 to 60  
Max. Potenza (W) 2000  
Numero di Uscite Infinite  
Massima Efficienza (%) 95  
Uscita Voltaggio 1 (V) 0 to 60  
Uscita Corrente 1(A) 5 to 40  
Dimensioni (mm) 60.6 x 63.1 x 13  
60.6 x 39 x 13