1500 Watt Mil-COTS High-Voltage DC/DC Converter, Non-Isolated with adjustable output voltage

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Produttore SynQor


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The MCOTS NiQor® Quarter-brick dc-dc converter is a non-isolated buck-boost regulator, which employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. The High Input Voltage MCOTS NiQor Brick family of converters can be used in traditional DPA (distributed power architecture) systems or provide a regulated output voltage from a battery source or other variable voltage source.

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  • High efficiency, 96% at full rated load current
  • Delivers up to 25 A of output current
  • Input Voltage Range: 9-60 Vdc
  • Output Voltage Range: 0 - 60 V (negative output is possible)
  • Extensive on-board input and output filtering
  • No minimum load requirement means no preload resistors required
  • Adjustable current limit with current monitor
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Mercato Military  

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Intervallo Tensione di Ingresso (V) 9 to 60  
Max. Potenza (W) 1500  
Numero di Uscite 1  
Massima Efficienza (%) 92 to 96  
Uscita Voltaggio 1 (V) 0 to 60  
Uscita Corrente 1(A) 0 to 25  
Dimensioni (mm) 39.01 x 60.6 x 13.08