Electronic transformer, Switching power supply, 24V, 7.5W, regulated

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Produttore Myrra


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Switching power supply with the same footprint as an EI38 transformer. 7.5W Non Regulated - 18V output. UL and VDE Certified

UL and VDE Certified

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  • UL and VDE certified
  • Universal input voltage
  • Very low standby power consumption meets requirements of Energy Star or EC code of conduct
  • Same footprint as EI38 transformer: Upgrade your application without redesign of PCB
  • Class II - reinforced insulation
  • Input / Output Isolation test voltage: 4000 Vac
  • Input protection by integrated fusible resistor
  • Output short circuit protection: automatic restarts when fault condition is removed
  • Thermal shutdown with automatic recovery if internal temperature exceeds allowable value
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Primary Voltage (AC V) 85 to 265  

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Regulated/Unregulated Regulated  
Isolated No  
Numero di Uscite 1  
Voltaggio in Uscita 1 (V) 24 DC  
Corrente in uscita 1 (A) 0.31  
Potenza (W) 7.5  
Efficiency (%) 82  
Max Ambient Temp (°C) -25 / +70