24W DIN-Rail Power Supply 15V output Voltage

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Produttore Flux


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The EMT2415 Serie is 24W compact line of wide Input Switch Mode power supply for DIN Rail mounting, based on the latest High Frequency SMD Technology. The EMT2415 delivers 15 V ouput voltage. This unit is fully voltage regulated with current limit, and will withstand a short with no internal losses and no time limit. Units can be connected in parallel or in series, making it compatible with present or future applications.

The EMT 2400 Series are mounted in plastic housings. They are also supplied with screw terminal con-nectors for ease of installation/service.

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  • Inputs voltage: 85V – 265V AC and 120V—375V DC
  • Compact size: 84 x 79 x 25mm
  • 15 and +/- 12 VDC
  • Parallelable
  • Easy Mounting
  • Fully Plastic housing