Harsh environment ruggedised custom fibre optic cable assembly services

We offer a unique fibre optic / hybrid fibre optic and copper cable assembly service for commercial, industrial and harsh environments.

We offer a unique fibre optic / hybrid fibre optic and copper cable assembly service for commercial, industrial and harsh environments. We have over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of both fibre only and hybrid fibre/copper cables.

We've designed, produced and installed cable assemblies for many diverse environments, including nuclear submarines, oil exploration vessels, trains, open cast mines and roadside traffic gantries. Although all very different, the one thing all of these applications have in common is the need for a tailor-made solution capable of operating in a harsh environment with the need for strict quality standards. With an in-house, purpose-built, ISO9001-accredited, custom-assembly centre, established capability and long-standing partnerships with leading suppliers, we have the resources and expertise to provide a solution to meet your needs.

Our cutting-edge solutions and expertise cover the following:

  • Specialist product knowledge – You can leverage our engineering expertise to be assured of the most cost-effective solution.
  • Wide choice of connector solutions – Our connector systems cover both single-mode and multi-mode systems with butt joint or expanded beam connectors.
  • Wide choice of fibre types – Our expertise covers multiple fibre types with options to suit data and telecom, industrial, high bandwidth, medical, aerospace, defence, transport and applications in harsh environments.
  • Copper/fibre hybrid – When using 38999 style connectors we are able to combine fibre, copper and coax cables into one connectorised assembly.

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Notre centre technologique d'interconnexion et d'assemblage de câbles nous permet d'être équipés pour résoudre vos problèmes de câbles et de connecteurs grâce à des capacités de pointe et des compétences spécialisées.

Interconnect Technology Centre

Si vous cherchez à intégrer des câbles standard en cuivre, en fibre, d'énergie ou des câbles hybrides spécialisés avec des connecteurs personnalisés, nos moyens sont à votre disposition pour vous aider à concevoir, assembler et qualifier vos solutions personnalisées.

Fournir les meilleurs systèmes d'interconnexion pour votre application, que vos besoins soient en grand ou en petit volume, qu'il s'agisse d'un tout nouveau besoin ou de la modification d'un produit existant, nous pouvons vous aider.