Enabling a globally-recognised brand to stand out in a new market sector with a unique solution

In this case study, our close partnership and collaborative approach made a critical difference for Elsap.

The challenge

Elsap's customer, a globally recognised Italian kitchen appliance brand, needed a custom meat probe solution - using high-performance glass temperature sensors, that was ergonomic, high quality, hard-wearing, reliable and stylish, to maintain their market-leading reputation.

The approach

We worked closely with Elsap and our technology suppliers throughout the project. This approach, with our design experience, enabled rapid prototyping and development, overcoming development challenges. In this case study, you can discover how we solved a hidden design issue at the beginning of the project, ahead of prototyping, and delivered a revised prototype in just four weeks when specifications changed at the mid-way point.

The results

The final prototype exactly matched the end customer's strict requirements for an ergonomic, high quality, stylish solution. Approved for production, the final meat probe solution was completed and delivered well within the given deadline.

Read the full case study here to discover how we directly supported our customer with custom design, prototyping and production and delivered this challenging brief, meeting the final deadline. Even when specifications changed halfway through the project.


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