Cooled and uncooled thermal imaging – see the unseen

Thermal imagery allows users to find faults, address issues, provide aid, and plan ahead in various vital defence, commercial and industrial situations.

Cooled or uncooled technology?

We provide the latest cooled and uncooled technology, delivering the best results, every time. The right system for you depends on the environment you work in and the nature of your task.

  • Cooled systems – cooled thermal imaging technology implemented in cameras is based on a detector cooled to a temperature close to 77 degrees Kelvin (about -200°C) or lower. The cooling prevents the thermal sensors from being compromised by their own radiation, and once the system has been in use, will need to be re-cooled. These systems are often larger than the uncooled alternative, but offer outstanding image quality and allow the use of longer-range lenses.
  • Uncooled systems – uncooled thermal imaging technology implemented in detectors is usually stabilised to temperatures between -30°C to 30°C or not stabilised at all. This imaging technology does not need to be built into heavy or bulky containers. That means they are often the choice of military or security organisations that value lightweight equipment over image clarity, because uncooled thermal imaging technology is not as sharp or as defined as a cooled option.

Thermal imaging systems

We use our experience and understanding of thermal technology to help you make the right choice of thermal imager for your needs. We can recommend both cooled and uncooled imaging technology and provide an end-to-end service to ensure your operations stay on track.

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