Testeur Bord de Piste Militaire Multi-Fonction IFF Mode 4

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Fabricant TIC


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The T-47G Multi-Function Ramp Test Set is a battery powered portable unit used to test Interrogators, Transponders including Mode S and IFF, TACAN/DME, and TCAS equipment which are installed in aircraft and other vehicles. Now with EHS.

Tests of both Transponders and Interrogators can be performed by using the supplied Directional Antenna to radiate signals to or from the Unit Under Test (UUT), or by directly connecting to the UUT antenna port.

The T-47G is completely self-contained comprising of a built-in battery charger and all accessories stored with in the removable cover. An easy to understand and operate front panel interface, controlled by the use of toggle switches, and an easy to read display, makes use simple and requires little or no training. The Directional Antenna with an active LED display and optical sight is used for both Interrogator and Transponder testing. The battery is installed and removable through the front panel.

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  • The T-47G Test Set is capable of full functional ramp checks of Transponders and Interrogators in Modes 1, 2, 3A/C, S and Mode 4, TCAS, TACAN, and DME equipment
  • TACAN and DME Frequency and Power measurement capability
  • Performs Mode 4 tests using external KIT or KIR (not supplied)
  • TACAN/DME modes: Ground-to-Air (G/A); Air-to-Air (A/A); and Air-to-Air Beacon (A/A BCN)
  • Allows simulation of ATCRBS or Mode S intruders for TCAS testing