Kit de mise à niveau Mode 5

Numéro de référence fabricant :

TS-4530A/UPM Mode 5

Fabricant TIC


Description :

The TS-4530/UPM Upgrade Kit will be a two piece sub-assembly with all operating software installed on the primary sub-assembly and ready for final calibration. The existing top cover will be replaced with a new top cover that will contain the housing for the crypto with hinged crypto cover, new colour OLED display, GPS Antenna, single PCB (printed circuit board), auxiliary power connector, RS-232 connector, and USB connector.

The new single board includes the RF, digital and power supply circuitry. The current TS-4530/UPM power supply, digital and RF boards will be replaced by the new single PCB. Power for the KIT/KIR, KIV-77 and KIV-78 will come from a new power supply incorporated on the single PCB design.

The current switch housing will be removed and Tel will provide a new switch housing that will contain switches S-1, S-2, and S-3. Switches S-1 and S-2 will be identical to the current switches used in the TS-4530 while S-3 will be changed to a new tactile switch.

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