2MHz Lock-In Amplifier

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Fabricant Stanford Research Systems

Stanford Research Systems

Description :

The SR865 2 MHz Lock-In Amplifier delivers the performance needed in the most demanding synchronous detection applications. This FPGA based instrument offers a wide frequency range (0.001 Hz to 2 MHz), high dynamic reserve (>120 dB), excellent stability (<5 ppm/°C), and high phase resolution (0.1 µDeg.). Building on the industry standard SR830, this next-generation lock-in amplifier has several analog enhancements and many new features not found in other instruments. A built-in touchscreen display shows the instantaneous results of your measurement, as well as its complete time history. The instrument is also easy to use - all instrument function have dedicated buttons and knobs.

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  • MHz to 2 MHz frequency range (operates to 2.5 MHz)
  • Dual reference mode
  • Low noise voltage and current inputs
  • High bandwidth outputs
  • Touchscreen data display - large numeric answers, chart recordings, FFT displays
  • 10 MHz timebase input and output
  • GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet and USB
  • HDMI video output