Back-lit capacitive switch, 35mm. latching

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Fabricant ITG Industries

Stadium IGT

Description :

Stadium IGT have developed an innovative method of combining the benefits of capacitive switching with multi-colour area-specific back-lighting. Capacitive switching is a well-established technology. It is particularly beneficial in applications such as public information kiosks, ticket machines, self-service tills, vending machines and other applications where vandalism is a potential hazard. Historically, illuminating capacitive switches has caused problems for designers because the electric field from the light source affects the operation of the capacitive switch, but by using thin film light guides and remote LED light sources, the two technologies can be successfully combined.

The HMI units are extremely reliable and can be fully sealed, enabling them to be installed in environmentally demanding areas such as on board ships, in dirty or dusty environments, in public buildings or in the open.

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  • Latching
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity
  • Rear mounting
  • Suitable for panel thickness of up to 11mm
  • Self-adhesive mounting pad
  • Illumination selectable red, green, blue
  • Flexible design
  • No moving parts
  • Connector: 0.1 inch pitch pin header
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Type Latching  

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Tension Entrée Max (V) 24Vdc  
Tension Entrée Min (V) 6Vdc  
Commutation de Courant DC Max (mA) 40  
Connexions Pin stick header  
Type de Montage Rear panel mount  
Classe IP Not rated  
Dimensions de Découpe Panneau (mm) 35mm diameter  
Illumination Yes  
Température de Fonctionnement Min (°C) 0  
Température Maximale de Fonctionnement (°C) 50