SSD SATA industriel MLC, robuste, 2,5 pouces

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Fabricant Swissbit


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The Swissbit X-55 Series Industrial SATA II SSD 2.5" storage solution is designed for demanding applications. The Solid State Drive is a rugged, high performance and extremly reliable storage solution. The data rate reaches up to 240 MB/sec and an impressive 14'500 IOPS with 4 KB random accesses. The high end architecture utilizes up to 8 channels with the most reliable SLC NAND Flash on the market. Special features such as ATA-8, NCQ and TRIM support enable higher IOPS (input / output per second) and sequential performance providing the best combination of performance and reliability for industrial applications. Additionally, the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) protocol with extended lifetime monitoring tools and software development kit enables the application or designer to have the full control of mission critical data all the time. The BCH-ECC (error correction code) ensures data reliability with the power fail protected X-500 series.

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  • Form factor:
  • - 2.5-inch SATA Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • - 100mm x 70mm x 9.2mm
  • - 7+15 pin (SATA+power) locking/latching SATA connector
  • Interface: SATA Rev 2.6 - 3Gbit/s (1.5Gbit/s compatible)
  • Feature connector for
  • - Quick erase and write protect input
  • - Device activity and quick erase output (LED)
  • - Ground pin
  • Optional various secure erase/sanitize/purge methods (hardware and software triggered)
  • Highly-integrated memory controller
  • - Max. UDMA6 supported
  • - Max. PIO mode 4, MDMA2 supported
  • - EM-MLC NAND Flash
  • - Hardware BCH-code ECC (40 Bit correction per 2 sectors)
  • - Fix drive configuration
  • Low-power CMOS technology
  • 5.0V ± 10% power supply
  • Low Power, less than 1W (idle) / 3.5 W (operation) average current
  • No mechanical noise
  • Wear Leveling: active wear leveling of static and dynamic data The wear leveling assures that dynamic data as well as static data is balanced evenly across the memory. With that the maximum write endurance of the device is guaranteed.
  • Mechanical robustness (MIL-STD810)
  • High reliability
  • - Endurance Managed MLC NAND Flash technology
  • - Data retention 5 years
  • - StaticDataRefresh and EarlyRetirement Technologies for data refresh
  • - MTBF ≥ 2,000,000 hours
  • - Number of connector insertions/removals: >1,000 cycles
  • High performance
  • - Up to 300MB/s burst transfer rate in SATA II - 3.0Gb/sec
  • - Sustained Read / Write Performance: up to 240MB/s / 160MB/s
  • - 4KB Read / Write IOPS: up to 14500 / 5500
  • - Access time <0.2ms
  • - TRIM and NCQ support
  • Available densities
  • - 30GB up to 480GB (EM-MLC)
  • S.M.A.R.T. with extended information
  • HPA, security feature set, 48bit feature set
  • internal temperature sensor (current, minimum, maximum)
  • Operation systems: Microsoft Windows8, 7, Vista, XP (all 32/64bit), Linux, Apple MacOS X, Embedded versions, RTOS
  • Firmware update possible
  • 2 Operating Temperature ranges
  • - Commercial Temperature range 0 … +70°C
  • - Industrial Temperature range -40 … +85°C
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Controlled BOM
  • RoHS, China-RoHS, REACH compatible, WEEE
  • CE, FCC compliant
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Débit de Données Ecrit Upto 160 MB/s  

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Consommation <3.5 W operation  
MTBF > 2000000 Hours  
Boîtier MLC ODP  
Facteur de Forme / Boîtier 2.5 Inch drives  
Type Endurance managed MLC  
Densité 480 GB  
Interface SATA II 3Gb/s  
Connecteur Serial ATA 15 + 7 pin  
Température de Fonctionnement 0 to 70°C  
Débit Données Lu Upto 240 MB/s