FPGA mobile, Ultra-basse consommation, T° commerciales, LUT 3520, WLCSP 36 billes

Lattice FPGA iCEP5 ultra Family

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Fabricant Lattice Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductors

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iCE5LP4K is the world's most integrated mobile FPGA. The iCE5LP1K Ultra family of ultra-low power FPGAs has a densities of 1100 Look- Up Tables (LUTs). In addition to LUT-based, low-cost programmable logic, these devices also feature Embedded Block RAM (EBR), on-chip Oscillators (LFOSC, HFOSC), two hardened I2C Controllers, two hardened SPI Controllers, three 24 mA RGB LED open-drain drivers, a 500 mA IR LED open-drain drivers, and DSP blocks. These features allow the devices to be used in low-cost, high-volume consumer and mobile applications.

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  • Programmable I2C & SPI interfaces
  • 10kHz Low Power Oscillator
  • 48MHz High Performance Oscillator
  • Four 16 x 16 Multiplier & 32-bit Accumulator Blocks
  • Programmable PLL
  • Three 24mA Constant Current Sinks
  • One 500mA Constant Current Sink
  • Up to 80kbits of Embedded Block RAM Non Volatile
  • Configuration Memory (NVCM)
  • Up to 3520 Look Up Tables (LUTs) for customized capabilities
  • Up to 26 I/O's for customized interfaces
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Famille iCEP5 ultra  

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LUTs 3520  
Nombre de Blocs EBR SRAM 20  
Dimension Bloc EBR SRAM (Kbits) 80  
Nombre de sysDSP™ blocs 18x18 4  
Nombre de sysDSP™ Multiplicateurs 4  
Nombre PLL 1  
Configuration Mémoire / Boot Flash Internal NVCM  
Nombre d'entrées /Sorties 26  
Gamme de Tension d'alimentation Noyau 1.2  
Température de Fonctionnement (°C) Commercial  
Boîtier 36 ball WLCSP