ECP5 FPGA basse puissance, Taille compacte, LUT 85000, SERDES

Lattice FPGA ECP5 Family

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Fabricant Lattice Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductors

Description :

LFE5UM-85 ECP5 FPGAs provide a low cost, low power, small form factor solution for implementing connectivity and video and imaging functionality in high volume applications such as small cells, industrial video cameras and broadband access equipment.

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  • Small packages with high functional density - Up to 85K LUTs in 10 x 10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch package with SERDES.
  • 270 Mbps to 3.2 Gbps for Generic 8b10b, 10-bit SERDES, and 8-bit SERDES modes
  • Up to 4 channels per device in dual channel blocks for higher granularity
  • PCI Express, Ethernet (1GbE, SGMII, XAUI), CPRI, SMPTE 3G and JESD204B
  • Higher Logic Density for Increased System Integration
  • Low static power typically under 80 mW
  • Low dynamic power with 1.1 V core voltage
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Famille ECP5  

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LUTs 85000  
Nombre de Blocs EBR SRAM 208  
Dimension Bloc EBR SRAM (Kbits) 3744  
RAM Distribuée (Kbits) 669  
Nombre de sysDSP™ blocs 18x18 156  
Nombre de sysDSP™ Multiplicateurs 156  
Nombre de Canaux SERDES 2  
Nombre PLL 4  
Nombre DLL 4  
Support DDR DDR3  
Configuration Mémoire / Boot Flash External  
Fonction de Démarrage Simultanée Yes  
Encryptage Bit-Stream Yes  
Nombre d'entrées /Sorties 118  
Grade Vitesse 8  
Gamme de Tension d'alimentation Noyau 1.1  
Température de Fonctionnement (°C) Commercial  
Boîtier 285 ball csfBGA