Thermally conductive adhesive tapes

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Fabricant MTC


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Thermally conductive adhesive tapes are used for bonding heatsinks and other cooling devices with the warm component. The adhesive tapes can be supplied as double sided adhesive film and are filled with metallic particles. Thermally conductive adhesive tapes eliminate the need for external clamps and curing.

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  • Thermal conductivity: 1.5 W/m*K
  • Available in 400x300 mm standard sheet size, other dimensions and die-cut parts on request
  • Available in thicknesses from 0.3 to 2.0 mm
  • Double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Thermal conductivity in combination with electrical isolation
  • High temperature stability
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Gamme de Temérature (°C) -45 to 120  

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Conductivité Thermique (W/m*K) 1.5  
Tension de Claquage (kV/mm) > 3.5  
Epaisseur (mm) 0.1 to 0.5  
Densité (g/cc) 1.36