Pâte thermoconductrice

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Fabricant MTC


Description :

Main criteria for choosing thermally conductive paste are the thermal properties as well as the processing capacities.

Thermal conductive paste builts a thin binding film for very good thermal conductivity through the low thermal resistance.

Due to low viscosity of the material it can be applied by silk screening or masking technology.

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Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Thermal impedance (K*in²/W)@50psi 0.015  

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Couleur Grey  
Conductivité Thermique (W/m*K) 6  
Evaporation en % (50°C/24h) 0,15% / 200°C@24hrs  
Densité (g/cc) 2.5  
Température de Fonctionnement (°C) -40 to 200  
Dispensable / paste-like Paste-like