Élastomères conducteurs recouverts - profils extrudés

MTC SDA-1,50 Conductive coated elastomers - extruded profiles

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Fabricant MTC


Description :

Silicone cords with an electrically conductive coated skin include a number of very soft gaskets with good shielding properties.

No electrically conductive fillers are used for the sealing core resulting in ideal properties concerning pressure and resistance to age. The excellent electrical conductivity is ensured by the coated skin that consists of silver filled silicone.

The core either consists of foamed silicone profiles or extruded silicone profiles with a shore hardness of 50 shore A. Depending on the material thickness other shore hardnesses are also possible.

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  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Custom length available
  • Optionally available on endless rolls
  • Benefits

  • Ideal properties concerning pressure and resistivity to age
  • Exzellent electrical conductivity
  • Foamed or extruded silicone as core material
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Hauteur/ Diamètre Extérieur (mm) 5  
Matière Foamed silicone  
Foam / Elastomer Elastomer