Élastomères à conduction constante - profils extrudés

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Fabricant MTC


Description :

Constant conductive elastomers are seals for highest demands, composed of a homogeneous mixture of conductive particles in elastomers.

In addition to the excellent electrical properties, these seals offer the highest environmental protection (up to IP68).

If electrically conductive elastomers should be resistant against aggressive substances like hydraulic oils and kerosene it is recommended to use fluor silicone as elastomer.

Stamped parts or moulded parts are produced according to customer needs.

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  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Custom length available
  • Optionally available on endless rolls
  • Benefits

  • Highest environmetal protection (up to IP68)
  • Use of fluor silicone if material should be resistant against aggressive substances
  • Stamped parts or moulded parts according to customer need
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Forme Rectangular strip  

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Hauteur/ Diamètre Extérieur (mm) 6.35  
Largeur/ Diamètre Intérieur (mm) 1.57  
Matière Carbon  
Foam / Elastomer Elastomer