Voltmètre électrostatique haute sensibilité +/-100 V

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Fabricant Trek Inc

Trek Inc

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The Trek Model 323 Electrostatic Voltmeter performs highly sensitive voltage measurements using a variety of Trek sideview probes with various body types (round, square).

The Model 323 is a versatile instrument used for a variety of electrostatic applications including materials evaluation, electret studies, charge accumulation on disk drive assemblies, and other extremely sensitive ESD sensitive components.

The Model 323 is specifically designed for high sensitivity applications and performs highly accurate, noncontacting measurement of electrostatic potentials of 0 to 100 V over a wide range of probe-to-surface distances.

The Model 323 has adjustments to compensate for many sensitive testing conditions. The response Speed control adjusts the speed/noise tradeoff of the AC response. The Drift/Spacing Null Adjustment minimizes the variation in zero offset voltage as the probe to test surface spacing changes.

The front panel has an easy to read 3½ digit LED display. The detected output voltage can be monitored through a 1:1 voltage monitor output and a switch selectable scale of 10:1 or 20:1 voltage monitor output.

Trek patented low impedance probes assure measurement accuracy essentially independent of probe-to-test-surface spacing, humidity conditions, and contamination such as airborne dust, toner, ions and chemicals.

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  • Measurement Range: 0 to ±100 V DC or Peak AC
  • Sensitivity: 5 mV
  • Speed of Response: Less than 300 ms for a 100 V step
  • Measurement Accuracy: Better Than 0.05% of Full Scale
  • Null Voltage Source: 10 Volt Nulling Supply
  • Response Speed Control: AC Response Adjusted for Speed/Noise
  • Drift Spacing/Null Adjustment: Minimizes Variations in voltage values as probe to test surface spacing changes
  • Available Monitor Outputs: 1:1 of Voltage Monitor Output 10:1 or 20:1 (switch selectable)
  • Additional Probes Available
  • CE Compliant
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Gamme de Mesure 0 to ± 100 V DC / Peak AC  
Précision < 0.05% of full scale