Sonde thermopile avec interface USB pour mesure laser, 10W, avec détection de position

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Fabricant Coherent


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LM-10 Thermopile sensor is a great all-purpose technology suitable for many lasers. LM-10 Thermopile sensor is used for measuring CW laser power, average power in pulsed lasers, and are often used to integrate the energy of long pulses. Thermopiles operate across a wide range of input powers, and unlike a photodiode-based sensor they will not saturate. LM-10 Thermopile sensor incorporate a quadrant thermopile detector disk that enables them to sense the position of the laser beam on the detector surface while measuring the laser power.

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  • Wavelength Range: 0.25 to 10.6 µm
  • Power Range: 10 mW to 10W
  • Max. Intermittent Power: 12 W, less than 5 min
  • Noise Equivalent Power: 0.4 mW
  • Max. Power Density: 6 kW/cm²
  • Max. Energy Density: 600 mJ/cm² 10 ns, 1064 nm
  • Detector Coating: Broadband
  • Detector Diameter: 16 mm
  • USB Cable, 2.5m
  • Benefits

  • Thermopile detector element for high power measurements
  • Measures beam position on detector surface
  • Noise equivalent power down to 0.4 mW
  • Large 16 mm and 19 mm apertures
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Type de Capteur Thermopile/Beam position  

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Electronique Stand-alone USB-RS  
Gamme Spectrale UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-700nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
MIR (3-30µm)  
Mode de Fonctionnement CW  
Puissance Moyenne Max 501W-6000W  
Ouverture (mm) 15-55  

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