Interface laser modèle LabMax-Pro SSIM

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Fabricant Coherent


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LabMax-Pro SSIM power meter combines the power and versatility of the LabMax with two new high-speed sampling modes when used with the PowerMax-Pro sensor technology (patent pending). In the traditional 10 Hz sampling mode, PowerMax-Pro sensors provide an instant power reading, much like a photodiode, but at very high powers. Legacy thermopiles are also compatible with the 10 Hz sampling mode, just like in past meters. The product includes a new Windows-based PC application that enables a wide range of analysis functions including statistics and histogram, trending, tuning, data logging, as well as a new ability to zoom in on detailed pulse shapes and pulse bursts using PowerMax-Pro technology. The software interface allows for flexible sizing of informational panes within the application, in which contents are auto-sized dynamically as the panes are adjusted, allowing the user to size the information of greatest importance. Data is analyzed on the PC through USB or RS-232 interfaces through the Windows PC application or directly through host commands. Since the LabMax- Pro interfaces via USB and utilizes Windows, the LabMax-Pro can be interfaced to any Windows 8 based device including tablets. This unique capability gives users flexibility to display data and allow state of the art color and touch screen displays. The meter is configured as a module for direct PC control and is compatible with PM model thermopiles and PowerMax-Pro sensors.

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  • Compatible with the new PowerMax-Pro sensor and PM-model thermopiles
  • High-speed sampling for laser pulse visualization
  • USB and RS232 interfaces
  • Windows PC application
  • Direct host command support for OEM integration
  • Windows 7 and 8 compatible (32 and 64-bit)
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