Photodétecteur 200 MHz à gain variable

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Fabricant FEMTO


Description :

The new high-speed photoreceiver OE-300 with variable transimpedance gain from 102 to 108 V/A offers an exceptionally wide application range. Various models equipped with InGaAs or Si photodiodes cover the 320 nm to 1700 nm wavelength range. The switchable gain from 02 to 108 V/A (decade increments) allows precise and reliable measurements within a very wide dynamic range from nanowatts up to 10 milliwatts optical power.

Many additional features like switchable low-pass filters, offset adjustment, switchable AC/DC coupling and the capability of manual and opto-isolated remote control by a PC make the OE-300 the most versatile wideband photoreceiver in its class.

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  • Adjustable transimpedance gain from 102 to 108 V/A
  • Wide bandwidth up to 200 MHz
  • Various Si and InGaAs models cover the 320 to 1700 nm wavelength range
  • High dynamic input range up to 10 mW optical power
  • Large optical detector size up to 3 mm diameter
  • Very low noise, NEP down to 88 fW/√Hz
  • Switchable low pass filters for minimizing wideband noise
  • Fiber optic and free space input
  • Full manual and remote control capability
  • Benefits

    Main Applications:

  • All purpose low-noise photoreceiver (O/E converter) for the MHz range
  • Time resolved optical pulse and power measurements
  • Laser intensity noise measurements (RIN)
  • Optical front-end for oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, A/D converters and RF lock-in amplifiers
  • OE-300 Series

    Model Detector type Detector size (mm) Spectral range (nm) NEP (Dependent on Gain Setting) [/√Hz]
    OE-300-SI-10 Si-PIN1.0 x 1.0400 - 1000140 fW - 377 pW
    OE-300-SI-30Si-PINØ 3.0320 - 1000154 fW - 340 pW
    OE-300-IN-01InGaAs-PINØ 0.08900 - 170088 fW - 217 pW
    OE-300-IN-03InGaAs-PIN Ø 0.03 800 - 170093 fW - 219 pW

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