Picosecond Amplifier, High repetition rate, High pulse energy, up to 60mJ at KHz

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Fabricant Ekspla


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APL2200 series picosecond amplifiers are designed to produce up to 60 mJ picosecond pulses at kilohertz pulse repetition rate. Short pulse duration, excellent pulse-to-pulse stability, superior beam quality makes APL2200 series diode pumped picosecond amplifiers well suited for applications like OPCPA pumping, material processing, non-linear optics and others.

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  • High pulse energy at kHz rates
  • Diode pumped solid state design
  • Cooled by supplied chiller - tap water is not required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Remote control pad
  • PC control via USB with supplied LabVIEW™ drivers
  • Optional temperature stabilized second, third and fourth harmonic generators
  • Benefits


  • Time resolved fluorescence, pump-probe spectroscopy
  • OPG/OPA pumping
  • OPCPA pumping
  • Micromachining
  • Other spectroscopic and nonlinear optics applications…
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Technologie Laser Picosecond  

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Domaine Spectral UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-750nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
Largeur d'impulsion Typique 5ps-500ps  
Energie/Impulsion Max 1-1000mJ  
Taux de Répétition Max 100Hz-10kHz  
Most common wavelengths 1064nm  

APL2200 Serie

Output energy
at 1064 nm
10 mJ
30 mJ
60 mJ
at 532 nm
5 mJ
15 mJ
30 mJ
at 355 nm
3 mJ
10 mJ
20 mJ
at 266 nm
1 mJ
2.5 mJ
4 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM)
90±10 ps
Spatial mod
Beam divergence
<1 mrad
<0.7 mrad
<0.7 mrad
Pulse repetition rate
1000 Hz

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