Laser à Fibre Picoseconde 1064nm, Compact, 8ps, 100nJ

Numéro de référence fabricant :

LightWire FP200

Fabricant Ekspla


Description :

LightWire FP200 is the highest power version in FP family. Integrated pulse picker and control of nonlinearity allows to achieve transform limited pulses with the energy up to 100 nJ directly from the fiber making this model perfect choice for seeding linear Nd doped solid state amplifiers. Due to high peak power (12 kW) of the emitted picosecond pulses, FP200 with an optional harmonic module can be also used as a stand-alone source for ultrafast metrology applications like gated Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence life-time measurements.

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  • Pulse energy 100 nJ at <200 kHz
  • Pulse duration 8 ps
  • Spectral bandwidth <0.4 nm
  • Integrated fiber pulse picker for flexible repetition rate control (30 kHz - 30 MHz, burst mode available)
  • Second and third harmonic generation modules (532 nm / 355 nm) optional
  • Output power: > 200mW at 10 MHz/> 50mW at 1 MHz/> 5mW at 100 kHz
  • Benefits


  • Seeding solid state amplifiers
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Technologie Laser Picosecond  

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Domaine Spectral UV (150-400nm)  
VIS (400-750nm)  
NIR (750nm-3µm)  
Largeur d'impulsion Typique 5ps-500ps  
Energie/Impulsion Max 0.1-1000nJ  
Taux de Répétition Max 10kHz-500kHz  
Most common wavelengths 1064nm  

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