Optical isolator, IR 1.9-2.1 µm

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Fabricant FastPulse Technology Inc

FastPulse Technology Inc

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FastPulse Technology’s 2 µm region Optical Isolator product line is designed for today’s high power IR Laser diodes, Thulium fiber lasers, CTH:YAG, Tm, Cr, and Ho:YAG lasers. The devices now cover the entire 1.9-2.1 μm spectrum. Our large aperture models are optimized with regard to absorption bands in this region. Isolation values typically exceed 30 dB at the center wavelength.

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  • Aperture: 4.5 mm, 8 mm
  • Isolation: 30-35dB, 30-37dB, 23-30dB
  • Transmission: 89% or 92%
  • Cooling option: TEC Peltier
  • Benefits

  • The mounting design of our Faraday rotator optics insure reliable performance
  • Polariser options are offered to avoid absorption bands in this wavelength region

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