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Fabricant Ondax


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The CleanLine FS is an ultra-compact (3inch or 75mm) free-space configuration with integrated alignment irises and a built-in wavelength fine-tuning adjustment. The CleanLine LM comes with an integrated SureLock LM Series wavelength-stabilized laser module, optical isolator, and fiber-coupling option - ideal for turn-key integration into your Raman system.

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  • Center wavelengths: 405, 532, 785 nm
  • ASE Suppression (below laser line), typical: -80dBm
  • Throughput (free space version), typical: 50%@405nm, 80 %@ 532nm and 785nm of incoming power
  • Output Power: 50mW and 80 mW
  • Temperature Stability: 10pm/°C
  • Benefits

  • Applications: Ultra-low frequency, Raman spectroscopy, High resolution metrology/spectroscopy
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Type de Filtre Notch filter  

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Longueur d'onde centrale 401nm-500nm  

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