Lame Séparatrice, 90/10

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Fabricant Ondax


Description :

Ondax's NoiseBlock™ 90/10 Beamsplitter Filters are designed to diffract 90% of the incoming light that matches the designed Bragg wavelength (λ0) and incident angle. All other wavelengths will be transmitted through the filter, making them excellent for boosting the effective signal of a Raman spectrometer. Adding a NoiseBlock™ 90/10 beamsplitter filter to a Raman spectrometer with a wavelength stabilized laser source can increase the recovered Raman signal by almost a factor of 4 relative to a broadband 50/50 beamsplitter.

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  • Center wavelengths: 405, 488, 514.5, 532, 633, 785, 987nm
  • Bandwidth (FWHM): <0.15nm / (HWHM)<10 cm-1
  • Diffraction Efficiency: >90 %
  • Temperature Dependence: 0.01nm/°C
  • Total Deflection Angle (2θ): 8-12°
  • Clear Aperture Diameter: 9mm in 1" mount. Custom sizes available
  • Benefits

  • Applications: Removal of Broadband ASE, Fluorescence, and unwanted laser line emission in Raman Spectroscopy
  • No degradation over time, even under high power illumination condition
  • Customizable slant angle for angular separation of beams
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Type de Filtre Notch filter  

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Longueur d'onde centrale 401nm-500nm  
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