Filtre de Suppression ASE

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Fabricant Ondax


Description :

Ondax's NoiseBlock™ ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) Suppression filters suppress the broad spectrum of spontaneous emission that commonly occurs in laser diodes to provide a pure, ASE free, single frequency laser. Adding a NoiseBlock™ ASE filter to a single frequency wavelength stabilized laser effectively reduces broadband spectral ASE background to more than 70dB below the laser line while transmitting 90% of the single frequency line. The filter's narrow spectral profile (HWHM <10cm-1) is designed to match the SureBlock™ Ultra Narrow-band Notch Filter, making it ideal for enabling ultra-low frequency Raman spectroscopy with high signal-to-noise.

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  • Center wavelengths: 405, 488, 532, 640, 658, 685, 690, 780.25, 785, 808, 830, 976, 1064, 1500, 2700nm
  • Bandwidth (FWHM): <0.15nm / <10 cm-1
  • Diffraction Efficiency: >90 %(>70% for 405nm)
  • Temperature Dependence: 0.01nm/°C
  • Total Deflection Angle: 8-12°
  • Clear Aperture Diameter: 4.5mm in 1/2" mount. Custom sizes available
  • Benefits

  • Applications: Removal of broadband ASE, fluorescence, and unwanted laser line emission, ASE noise reduction for Raman Spectroscopy
  • No degradation over time, even under high power illumination condition
  • Environmentally stable at high temperature and humidity with over 12,000 hours of testing at 150°C
  • Fiber coupled input/output available
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Longueur d'onde centrale 401nm-500nm  
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