Filtre Passe-bande, Raie du Mercure, 253.7nm, FHMW 11±3 nm

NeWhite paperort Mercury-SC Filters 230 to 290nm

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Fabricant Corion


Description :

10MLF10-254 a Mercury Line bandpass filter with a center wavelength at 253.7±3 nm with a Full Width Half Max of 11 ± 3 nm. Applications include spectral radiometry, medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, colorimetry, astronomy, and wherever spectral isolation is required.

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  • Center Wavelength 253.7 nm ±3nm
  • FWHM: 11±3 nm
  • Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Out-of-band blocking to less than 0.01% (10-4)
  • High transmission: >80% typical at 254 nm
  • Superior lifetime in harsh environmental conditions
  • Damage Threshold: Not for high power laser
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Type de Filtre Band pass filter  

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Longueur d'onde centrale 201nm-300nm  

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