Filtre Notch, Raman

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Fabricant Ondax


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Ondax SureBlock™ Notch filters are reflective volume holographic filters (VHGs), produced in a proprietary glass designed for long lifetime, high efficiency and excellent transmission. Ondax's fabrication process is highly stabilized to ensure excellent part-to-part repeatability. Ondax's SureBlock™ ultra narrow-band notch filters are the ideal solution for highly selective wavelength applications like low frequency Raman spectroscopy.

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  • Standard Raman wavelengths: 488, 514, 532, 633, 785nm
  • Spectral Transition Width (center to 50% transmission):<10 cm-1
  • Optical Density at Laser Line: >4
  • Typical Transmission Efficiency: 60%@488nm, 65%@514nm, 70%@532nm, 80%@633nm, 90%@785nm
  • Free Space Aperture Diameter: Standard: 9 mm in 1" mount, Custom sizes available
  • Benefits

  • Applications: Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy, Structural Studies of Nano materials, Biomedical and Solid State Laser Systems, Wide-band Notch Filter Replacement
  • No degradation over time, even under high power illumination condition
  • Environmentally stable at high temperature and humidity
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Longueur d'onde centrale 401nm-500nm  

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