Motorised Attenuator, Compact, Spectral range 350-1550nm

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Fabricant Altechna


Description :

Compact version of Altechna’s Motorized Attenuator. This device attenuates free space laser beam (or pulse) continuously without introducing additional energy fluctuations. Contrast better than 3000:1 (Tp:Ts) is achieved since this attenuator is mounted with high contrast polarizer. This very compact version of attenuator can be easily integrated in custom optical systems.

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  • Configuration: λ/2 High power waveplate + 1x High contrast TFP
  • Waveplate: 12,7 mm with 8 mm CA
  • Polariser: 20x10x5 HC BTFF
  • Time between min and max attenuation: 1 sec
  • Resolution: <15 arcsec/step
  • Step accuracy in full rotation +/- ½ step
  • Damage threshold: >20 J/cm² @1064nm, 10ns pulses, 10Hz
  • Housing: Black anodized aluminium
  • Dimensions: 60x32x64 mm
  • Benefits

  • Very compact size
  • User-friendly software interface
  • Divides laser beam into two parallel beams of adjustable intensity ratio
  • High optical damage threshold
  • Low dispersion for femtosecond and high energy laser pulses
  • Stand-alone USB powered controller
  • Ideal for integration in other systems
  • Typical application: High power CW and pulsed lasers
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Type Motorised attenuator  

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Spectral Range UV (150nm-400nm)  
VIS (400nm-700nm)  
NIR (700nm-3µm)  
Model Operating range Clear Aperture Attenuation range
2-PWRXP-266 266 nm 8 mm 0.04-99%
2-PWRXP-355 35 5nm
2-PWRXP-400 400 nm
2-PWRXP-515 515 nm
2-PWRXP-532 532 nm
2-PWRXP-780 780 nm
2-PWRXP-800 80 0nm
2-PWRXP-780-820 780-820 nm
2-PWRXP-1020-1040 1020-1040 nm
2-PWRXP-1064 1064 nm
2-PWRXP-1550 1550 nm

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