Wavelength Conversion Mid-IR Laser, 3360nm

NEL Mid IR wavelength conversion laser modules

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Fabricant NEL Photonics Business Group

NEL Photonics Business Group

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NEL develop and manufacture the world's finest photonic semiconductors, lightwave circuits, and a variety of other devices and modules that are used in optical telecom networks. Opti λ consists of those equipments which meet the telecom reliability standard.

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  • Wavelength: 3357 nm
  • Linewidth (FWHM): 100 MHz
  • Output Power: 500 μW
  • Beam Mode: TEM00
  • Beam Diameter: ND
  • Polarization: 100 : 1 (Vertical)
  • Benefits

  • High Beam Quality
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Real Time Sensing

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