SFG Wavelength Conversion Module for 780nm Light Generation

NEL SFG Wavelength Conversion Module

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Fabricant NEL Photonics Business Group

NEL Photonics Business Group

Description :

The NEL produces quasi-phase matched LN waveguide modules for 780nm second harmonic generation. The module consists of a PPLN waveguide, a thermoelectric cooler and a thermister.

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  • Required pump wavelengths : 1560nm
  • SFG wavelength: 780nm
  • Efficiency >100% / W
  • When pump power is below 100mW
  • Maximum rating of the input power 200mW at input fiber
  • Operation temperature(Top) Typ.: >30 degree C Temperature fine tuning is required for satisfying the phase match condition
  • Thermister B=3450
  • TEC Current: 2A max
  • Module size: 54mm x 30mm x 11.2mm
  • Window IR-cut filter or Visible-AR window
  • Input fiber 1550nm PANDA fiber with FC / APC connector

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